Disrespectful, clueless, or hypocrite?

The deets:

this is girl I'm seeing is sick, so I bring by a care package to her house as a kind gesture. We hang out at her place a bit and everything goes fine.

a few days later we agree to go out for lunch during her break from her office.

Skipping most of it, during our conversation its loud in the cafe so I insist she move closer. She declines saying that she will just speak louder. :-/

she mentions how one should never care what other people think about them. Noble, yes?

And yet as we're leaving, I grab her by the hip and insist that I walk her back to her job. She then says "no it's ok." And then the conversation becomes weird.

Me: "is everything ok?"
her: "yeah, I just don't want you to walk me as everyone at work might have the wrong idea about us."
me: "do a lot of guys walk you to your office?"
her: " no.. it's just weird to me that a guy no one at my office knows walk me to my desk (wtf)."
me: "oh are they really nosy?"
her: "yeah."
Me: ( thinking: I was just going to walk you to your building, you idiot): "that's fine, I'm going the other way. See you."

then she quickly turns her back to me to face the street and proceeds to take her phone out and check her work calendar.

Turns out, that cafe was where a lot of her workmates were eating as well. Still, she knew I was offended, and didn't bother to gracefully apologize at all, considering what I did for her a few days ago.

Question: we all know she could have handled that better. It was thoughtless and rude. Should I bother going her another shot? Or just delete her number and next her?


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  • I think she was trying to let you down easy. It seems like the two of you want different things right now from each other and I don't get the idea that she's interested in dating you. I'd say let it go for now and wait and see if she bothers messaging you. What you did for her was very sweet (the care package) and I just know that if I was really into a guy I wouldn't care what anyone thinks and would want to show him off to people. I think you can do better


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  • You're seeing her you aren't her boyfriend. I really wouldn't bring s guy around work until we were serious because I take my job seriously. I am one of the youngest in my firm and like it or not women get judged for that sort of thing.

    I also really wouldn't appreciate you grabbing my hips. Grabbing me by my center of gravity and insisting on something like that would have me a little irritated. I mean it depends on how we'll things are going over all but you sound kind of controlling for not being in a relationship even. Sorry

    • I didn't grab her the way you think. I just gently placed my hand on the small of her back and eased her in a direction, much like how you would when you open a door for a woman. I'm not controlling at all.

    • I don't like that at all. Especially from someone who isn't my boyfriend. I probay wouldn't go on another date with you if you did that because it is controlling.

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