Is he into me or not?

theirs this guy I'm into. And he texted and called me for a little over a month. He specifically said we were dating... We went out for new years eve and dinner together and the last time we hung out was with his friends and we sang to crazy rap in his car and laughed... I ended up getting a little too drunk and said he was my boyfriend and was a tad touchie ( even though his friends this whole time pegged me as his girlfriend) Then on the ride home he told me this wasn't going to work ... is he really not into me or is he scared? He still texts me not as much as before but still does... What am I not seeing here?


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  • scared?

    if he said he's not into then he's not into you.

    the whole "im scared of getting in a relationship because of _____" is complete bs.

    if he says he's not that into he probably meant it.

    would be a f'ed up thing to say if he didn't mean it.


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  • From what I see he never said he wasn't into you...he said it wasn't going to work. Though he might like going on dates with you he might not be ready for it to be at an exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend level yet, so when you started calling him 'boyfriend' in front of his buddies he probably just got a little freaked out because he just isn't to that point yet. And I think that by him still making an effort to contact you it means he's still into you, but you should probably just give him time and not push him too much. Try setting up another date, just something fun and don't make him feel pressured to move faster than he's ready to.