Girls, what to wear when asking a girl out?

On Fridays I'm required by my coach to wear a dress shirt tucked in and a tie, it's a sports tradition in my school and I'm thinking about asking this girl out this Friday and we've kinda had feelings for eachother for a while should I wait for a different day so I'm not too dressed up or should I just do it on Friday dress shirt and tie and everything, any advice on like a way to make it more romantic or sweet I felt like being dressed up would help the romantic thing what about u do u have any advice on those clothes if it helps here's what I was gonna wear
Black pants light blue shirt dark blue tie, cuz I have to wear one on Fridays what do u think that or wear something else and ask her out another day long answers appreciated with a bunch of advice


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  • It doesn't matter what u wear as long as ur wearing it with confidence :)

    • Thank u I'm gonna do it on Friday and wear the tie I have more confidence when I dress nicely with a tie

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