Girls, do you go on dates all the time or is it much harder to go on dates these days because guys just want to hook up and thats how the culture is?

I feel like I have not been on enough dates with different guys. I have only went out on dates with three guys in my life. Two of them became my boyfriend. There was another guy who I guess could count as a date so make it 4 not really sure if it counts though because it was just eating in the dining hall at college. I feel like 4 guys going out with sounds so pathetic. I have had a lot of guys ask me out or were interested in me, but i always said no because i was not interested because i was not attracted to them, so I guess I don't get enough of the right guys asking me out. Now I am single and I am just wondering do you girls get asked out a lot by guys you would want to go out with? and do you go out every Saturday night with a guy? If so, how did you get a guy to ask you out that you would go out with? I know its all about being in the right place and the right time and sometimes you don't do anything and they just ask, but im just curious to hear it. I know I am very attractive but my personality may be what doesn't work when it comes to guys. How do you talk to them in a way that will let them know you are interested or just what is your trick?


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  • I don't go out with just any guy. You're right, a lot of them just want a hook up. Of you find a guy you are interested in don't be afraid to tell him. Introduce yourself, make small talk about a class or something. I've been told when I like a guy they can tell because I look upbeat them differently. Like eyes are opened wider or "puppy dog"-ish. They can tell and if they like you back will probably do something about it.


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