Did that kiss mean something to him?

So yesterday I went to a club and i saw there my crush, like the guy that i consider my platonic love and i got in the vip that he was and suddenly i was dancing with him. We danced like two or three songs and we were so close, he was all the time like smiling and looking at my lips and we got to a point where our faces were so close and we started making out. He asked me a few questions like how old i was, where was i studying and then he said "i think i've seen you before somewhere" and then i told him my name. He was so gentle and sweet and he didn't even grab my butt and we spent like the next 10 minutes like dancing and kissing all the time. Then he sat down and i sat on him and he was all the time kissing my neck and my cheek. The thing is that he hasn't even texted me as he didn't ask me for my number, but in my opinion, he could at least tried to contact with me if what happened, meant something to him. P. S: I think he was a bit drunk What do y'all think about this? Should i just forget it all?


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  • Happened something similar to me. Forget it all. Sorry..:(


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