When a guy opens up to you drunk, does he mean it?

I've been hanging with this awesome guy. He's really sweet and fun to be around. We have great chemistry and I knew him in 7th grade, then one day I saw him at a party and since then we hung out quite a few times. The other night we went to the bars and I stayed over at his place. During that whole night he said things like "I like you and you're cool as fuck, beautiful, fun to be around. I know you don't wanna date anyone right now but I hope you'd consider talking to me" just things like that. In the morning he disn't say those things. So I don't know if he's just drunk saying that or if he really means it. I'm taking it slow by not being overbearing with him and stuff, cause that's not me. What do you think?


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  • Sometimes guys get drunk enough to try persuading you with chat, don't take what wasted people say as gospel.

  • Drunk word are sober thoughts


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