Guys, all I got on my bday from my boyfriend.. Wishes.. N movies of 10 bucks as he is short on money but?

When he is out with friends.. He goes out dinner and parties... Thats ok.. Could he be telling the truth or pulling a fast.. No effort.. He said its more about spending time together.. It seems rude doesn't it.. I did so much for his bday.. N i got nothing n this bites...


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  • He remembered your birthday; a lot of guys can't even do that. Why isn't his thoughtfulness good enough? If you start keeping score, that's going to end badly for you.

    • I understand that but making me wait an hour... n no message from him... Until i messaged him.. No consideration.. N i got mad...

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  • Technically if he did something out of the ordinary and it was special then it does mean he's trying...
    Now if he is just doing the same shit then yeah... thats fucked up...

    • It is a step up for sure.. But kept me waiting for 1 hour.. Did not have the decency to message me and let me know if he's coming or not.. Drove me nuts..

    • DI'd he end up telling you why he took so long?

    • Yes he did... But i felt weird being ready and waiting

  • Well he's your boyfriend and that's not too bad. Plus what's so special about birthdays?

    • I came into this world... He made me wait 1 hour... Bc he was running late.. No calls or message until i messaged him..

    • He's disappointing you now so you won't be disappointed life in the future if you're still with him.

    • I guess u are right on that.. Told me for us to be married would be in 5 years... Thats so long.. He is 31 .. And im 29 .. b

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