Can't stop thinking about girl I saw?

Well I went to a punk show couple days ago and I saw a really pretty girl. I hang out at to venue quite a bit and I've seen her a few times. The thing is she looks just like a girl that I've had a crush on for the longest time. They even dress the same. I asked my crush out a long time ago. She said yes but it never worked out. Now I see this girl and she reminds me of my crush. When we were in the mosh pit, I remember her dancing right up against me and I couldn't help but feel tingly and the inside. She probably didn't realize who it was cause the pit is pretty crammed. I wanted to talk to her after the bands were done playing but I was chickening out. And then I saw her making out with another dude and that sucked. I think this means I'm not over the first girl, but I really want to be. I'm trying to meet new girls, but the only girl that has intrigued me in a while is one that looks just like me crush! What do I do? I don't even know how to talk to a girl at a show. It's loud and stuff.


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  • just let it go.


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  • Well if she was making out with another dude, I would probably forget about her for now. It sounds like you're just not interacting with enough girls, which is why you're still thinking about her and your previous crush that didn't work out and why you were too scared to talk to her.

    I actually met my last girlfriend at a concert. Meeting girls at concerts can be tricky because of the noise. Basically, if you want to talk to them, you have to do it in between sets. Or before/after the show. Otherwise, from my experiences, you just have to hope you can catch their eye during the show. The good thing about concerts is everyone is so close together that if you can tell they might be into you, you can position yourself next to them and get physical very easily.


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