If a guy just cuddles (several times) with you.. what's the real score?

so , here goes that bothered me bcoz we're only dating 3 times, just couple of weeks ago and recently.. I don't want to assume but I want an interesting opinions from you ( guys / girls who's reading this ) .. I was on my period after our first date but we had our first sex from our first date, I know it's not appropriate and I wasn't expecting anything after that.. so, it turned out he still communicates with me after , infact we had our 2nd and 3rd quality time with no sex due to my monthly visitor ( womens thing ) and he knew all along but still he prefers to cuddle and not to touch me.. we haven't mention or discuss yet in particular about getting interest into commitments and serious stuffs but he's acting what common couples do (like kissing in the forehead, kissing the hand and so many gentle ways) and it makes me wonder too much. am I assuming in a worse case scenario?


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  • you're overthinking it.


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