I told him I didn't want to do long distance and he stopped talking to me?

This guy claimed he was so into me and we had only been dating for two months during the summer... I told him I wasn't into doing long distance even though he asked but that I definitely wanted to see each other when he came back and he hasn't talked to me since he left. i don't get why?

I tried texting him too with no reply :(

I am really confused.


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  • gosh =/ that's pretty sad... i guess he was kind of upset when u said no. u can't blame the guy. being rejected would hurt no matter the distance. such a freaking painful position to be in.

    i think it would have been better to let him know from the beginning not to get really excited over it and just not to place high expectations... but anyway, he is more hurt. it isn't really something he can help. maybe he's trying to forget about it all, or maybe he just needs time to recover.

    • I just didn't know what we were cause we didn't discuss it.

    • i think that gap in communication might have caused a bit of misunderstanding. if u can get him to talk to u again, explain ur perspective and try to figure out what u think u have together.

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  • You two don't agree. Why bother to reply to u again.

    • Well I mean... I would've expected more than him just ignoring me after dating for such a long time.

  • He probably really liked you and is trying to move on. Could you try calling him?


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