Where are all the MyTakes and articles about how to pursue a girl you've been friends with for a while?

Seriously, I can't be the only one who is in a situation like this. But based on Google searching, and typical dating advice guides, and MyTakes, it's always assumed that you have been "watching her from a distance:, or she's a stranger you just met.

This situation:
-When you have been friends/acquaintances for months or years
-But you haven't asked her on a date before

How would you ask? What would you do on a date? Etc. I'm quite sure it'd be different than when you ask out a girl you never talk to.


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  • You just ask to hang out and admit your feelings. There is no such thing as the friend zone unless they are gay. I've been friends with this guy for years and I randomly thought he was flirting with me. Then I realized mi thinkmhe is isanly attractive. It's as easy as that lol

    • I forgot to mention that I'm not in the proverbial friendzone, because I haven't asked her on a date. So it's some sort of limbo...

      And yeah, that's been my plan (hang out and confess) but I'm in college and she's busy with high school a lot so it'll be hard to plan that. I really wanna get it off my chest though.
      I was just wondering why there are ZERO guides about this.

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    • I don't know what yes or no question I'd ask her.
      I'd just say, "Can I tell you something?"
      Her: "Uh what?"
      Me: "I really like you. And I have since [insert event that was the first interaction we had that would take too long to explain here]. And I've liked you more every time we've talked and hung out and texted...[etc.]"

      I don't know if I'd remember the points I wanna make, but yeah, I don't know what to ask her after the spiel. I have no fucking idea how she'd react.

    • Most girls would react graciously. Don't over think it just tell her you have liked her and ask her on a date.

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  • Well, she has to be aware that you like her that way in the first place before you can ask her. You can always start flirting with her to gauge the reaction. Have you flirted with her before?


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  • Stop pursuing women. It's not worth it and you'll regret it.

    • Maybe I shouldn't have said the word "pursue".

    • Dating, relationships and marriage... they should all be avoided, unless you're ready to sacrifice yourself and get the shorter end of the stick.

    • I'm ready. Out of pure curiosity and loneliness.

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