I'm going to a small party (like 18 people) and my crush is going to be there! What do I do, what do I wear , what do I even say?

I really like him but I'm not 100% sure I have a chance with him...


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  • just be yourself and go up and talk to him


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  • Wear your favorite outfit, the one that makes you feel like the hottest girl ever, something that makes you feel confident, it will help you, if you dont feel confident it will show, when you talk to him, use this tine to be friendly and get to know him whild throwing hints that you're interested, have you met him formally before this or will this be your first time talking to him?

    • Yeah we went to primary school together and high school 😊

    • Ok perfect it should be easier to have a conversation with him, if you know any common interests that you have that could also help with starting a conversation and also just be yourself and have fun, let your real personality shine through, good luck girl let me know how it goes!!!

    • Thank you! Will do!!

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  • Wear something cute that you feel confident in. Don't wear something super flashy of your going to end up feeling self conscious all night. Talk about him and topics that he knows a lot about, that way it will be easy for him to talk. Then the convo can go on to something else


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