Why can't I get a date?

I'll try to keep it short and concise... I just turned 25 about a month ago. To this day I've never had a relationship of any length... ever. I went on a "date" last year with a chick, but that was it.

I am honestly unsure about my looks, I don't even know if that matters to women much. I'm also a pretty nice guy. I don't cuss peope out when they make me mad, and I abhore conflict. I'm 5 ft 9 in tall and weigh about 180 lbs, not too flabby either.

I have some social anxiety, and according to some I have issues with confidence. Not surprising because I take a lot of things very hard. Almost everyone I talk to is a guy, because I'm more comfortable with them. Oh and let me point out that I'm 100% straight. :P

I just began attending a University, and there's loads of women everywhere. Its much easier to talk to them here though. My hometown is a very difficult (impossible) place to meet people.

I've asked some chicks out every once in a blue moon when someone comes along whom I find attractive; and have a chance to converse with. Since school began roughly a month ago I've asked four women for their phone numbers, to varying degrees of success.

Almost never do I ever leave my "comfort zone" to talk to a woman, but that's becoming easier now that I'm here!

I am admittedly kind of shallow though, too.

I guess the reason question is what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

If you want other details, just ask.


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  • You seem so sweet! Confidence is key, but you seem like a nice guy so just wait and a girl will come a long who knows how special you are:)


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  • Maybe its not the right time to meet your girl. You sound like my partners was before he met me. He had very little previous dates with no success, finding them boring etc. but he met me on eharmony, it was my first meet off of there and his third meet from the website. Now been dating for almost two years. Maybe you just need to wait?

  • When talking to a girl, you have to be social, straight foward, respectful, funny, and personality wise nice and fun. Girls love that in a guy.


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  • Your problem:

    1. "I'm also a pretty nice guy" ~ Solution:Become an asshole.

    2. 5 ft 9 in tall ~ Women like tall guys "6'2 ideal), Your being edge out in competition.

    3. 180 lb (might be overweight)

    4. Lack confidence ~ Women like confident men. Whether that confidence is false bravado, or from idiot mentality.

    5. Almost everyone I talk to is a guy, because I'm more comfortable with them (Girls are too chicken shit to approach. You gotta aproach them).
    Almost never do I ever leave my "comfort zone" to talk to a woman

    6. I am admittedly kind of shallow though, too.~You may be chasing women outside your league


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