Should I tell the guy I regret the kiss?

I went out with a really nice guy: smart, friendly, handsome. We had one drink so I felt a little more at ease with myself and we went for a walk and we kissed. So yeah, big whoop. one kiss. But it was my first kiss, which I told him (whatever late bloomer I guess). Anyways, now I'm having second thoughts and he's really interested in dating more. Buuuut I'm not. I have realized that I don't want to be in an a relationshio with him, though it seemed like I did on the date. Besides, I don't feel those good jitters at all that you're supposed to feel. You're supposed to feel them, right? Should I tell him that I regret kissing him? I just want to treat him with the respect and honesty he deserves.


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  • If you truly regret kissing him, then I would maybe consider leaving that part out. That can actually crush a man mentally. Just tell him that you are not interested in a relationship with him, and that you wish him to find someone great.


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  • You can tell him nicely but inevitably as an ending result, this "nice guy" who is worth it will now have his guard up and that will only make it worst for the next girl that comes around that might actually like him.

    • that's what I was hoping wouldn't happen! However cliche, it really is me, not him.

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  • Man how I wish I could see his transformation of this guy after you tell him this xD but I guess Spider-Man 3 will have to suffice


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  • Shouldn't tell him that you regret the kiss. Just tell him honestly that you want nothing more than being friends with him. If ever he asks about what the kiss meant, well explain to him that it wasn't thought about before you did it since you werw both quite drunk instead of telling him that you regret about it. That way it'll be less meanie heehee. :)

    • the problem is I was only slightly tipsy at most, my speech was not the least bit affected, I was just less self-conscious. He wasn't at all tipsy.

    • still, you're slightly tipsy. That's it. And it isn't about the kiss. You only have to talk about the kiss if he brings it up. It's about being honest of what you feel for him right now. Perhaps, you might have not known that your true feelings for this guy had not you kissed him.

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