Wow girls be honest?

I met up with an old school friend just to give her some old school hs pics. She's now hot and when we met up she tried giving me a hi hug. I didn't know how to act. I got nervous so i didn't hug her it got weird and she instantly pulled back from the hug. I guess she felt rejected. As soon as she left i text her apologizing saying i totally wasn't expecting a hug but that''ll i'll show some love next time. She didn't text back.

Did i do the right thing/i feel like it made it worst awckward?


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  • Don't worry, she's just shaken up. I'd say that most guys wouldn't even think about apologizing these days. You told her you weren't expecting it, so she'll eventually come around. However, if she never replies back or avoids you constantly, she's just being inconsiderate. If she doesn't answer or avoid you, just ignore her and move on, because that means she's being overdramatic in the whole thing. Everybody makes mistakes.


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  • Yeah, I doubt you'll hear from her again. Better luck next time.


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