Does he consider me his girlfriend?

Me and this guy have been dating on & off for almost a year in the past he use to tell me he doesn't want a relationship and would be emotionally detached sometimes. It was more of a friends with benefits type thing we would hang out at the same place doing the same thing, we were so incompatible the only tine we got along was when we had sex he was so hot and cold. He treated me so bad and has broken my heart several times & I would leave then always go back. The last time I left a couple months ago I planned on never going back but he started to change he apologized for the way he treated me & explained to me why he was acting like that & even said that he loved me and would try to work on rebuilding and establishing a real relationship & we both agreed to startover and take our time. Since then I've met & hung out with most of his family and friends and they love me, he has met some of my family, he's been treating me with respect & isn't giving me reasons not to trust him, he listens to me, pays attention to what I like and dont like & shows lots of affection & he looks at me in a way that says he's glad to have me I his life. are these all signs that I am considered the girlfriend or soon will be even though we haven't put a title on anything yet?


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  • Usually friends with benefits don't work out as real relationships. But I wouldn't consider him thinking u as his girlfriend -yet. The thing is if he breaks your heart several times and treated u badly why are u with him? He doesn't sound like a genuine guy... Just saying


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