Guys, my boyfriend took me out of instagram and facebook because of our last fight... But now that things are good.. He won't add me back.. Because?

He says he is removing facebook as it means nothing to him... So i said fine... How about... Instagram... and he said he barely uses it... How do i get him to add me.. I told him it means something to me because we connected on facebook... After being in the same high school and then added each othet on instagram... But now he won't add me... What do i do?
The thing is. Im confused... One minute he will say we are not serious.. Then he says we r dating... Then he calls me his girl... Then he says he likes me n he's comfy with me.. Then he mentions no girl has done the things i do for him... All of this makes me very confused... N im in love with him... I. Wanted to meet him to talk about it.. But seems like wenever we need to talk... He just avoids it... Player?


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  • lol your boyfriend has done something my girlfriend does to me at least thrice a week if not more.

    In my case I lie low till she's back in a mood to add me back again. FB or Instagram ofcourse I don't use. It's more of Whatsapp and stuff + she stalks my Twitter a/c w/o following me lolol

    Give it a while, he'll probably come around :)

    • Lol wow... I did that too him too when we fought but now that things are good.. He has not added me n its killing me... Is he trying to hide something...

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    • Which then means jealousy.. Leads to feelings for that person.. Or he cares...

    • With this sentiment it's not always that though the girl would love to perceive it that way :)

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