Girls, How can I win her heart?

I really love this girl. I've dated many times and met many girls but this girl kills me. I've never followed a girl for 6 months. Never. She dated maybe once or twice but nothing happened I guess. She never kissed I guess. She has personal and inner problems that she never talks about. She's calm and I'd say a bit shy but always smiling. She knows that I like her. I told her that more than once and she still responds to my texts and likes my photos on social media. Usually she's really hard on men who tell her they like her. She'll stop responding etc... she told me I'm an interesting guy but she can't give me what I want. I can't get her. I dnt knw if something can happen in the future. I saw her last week in an event. It wasn't positive. If I didn't see her she wouldn't see me. If I dnt talk to her she wnt. But still when we had silent moments she punched me in the arm in a cute way and smiled. I sat next to her talked to her. But if i didn't talk she wouldn't. I gav up and stood but she quickly looked at me in shock and told me where are you going? That made me realise that she cares? I dnt knw. I cnt get her. But I can get one thing is that im madly in love with her. Her birthday is not so far away and im willing to surprise her by playing the happy birthday song on the guitar. She plays the guitar. I dnt. Get it? Won't she like that? Wouldn't that amaze her? Wouldn't that explain to her how much I love her? Will she see me in another way like that? How can I get her man? How can u get a girl whose different than many girls? I can't tell you how much I love her. Wise answers can really help me. Kick me with your positive vibes.


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  • Damn boy you are really in for it! Well what i can tell you is that 1st dont give up, we girls are complicated like that. From what i can tell she is a little like me, in the way she is shy , calm and always smiling. That the deffinition of an "innocent" girl in some cases, she also might be afraid to give into you because she might like you but she might see you as a player and does not want to be heartbroken. I know because im like that. I ignore other guys that tell me this because im insecure and think the lie. You just got to get her to open up to you, get her trust and you will see how you will get her. About the birthday present i think it is extremely sweet, also try to do something that will show her how much you love her and that you will never hurt her. She might just need a little more reasurance. But your on the right track just keep going and dont give up on her. If you truly love her than show her! Do it big, do it loud! Do it in a way that everyone knows too, just show her how much you care.

    • 4 months ago I told how I feel about her. 2 months ago I also did that. On prom night I did that. She wasn't in response about how she feels. She just once told me dnt get attached to me. And on prom night she told me friends. We then went out together as she accepted my proposition to get to know each other. It was positive. Long story short I thought it was positive but she became more hard on me. I told her about that and she was angry and told me that im not annoying. She said that she is in a state where she is trying to know who she is and she'll hurt me so much if she gave me hope. So... knowing that story... and the one above... should I stop talking to her for a month and then surprise her on her birthday?

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    • Thanks i really appreciate it. i should get some things sorted out in my life too. if she doesn't text me... i'll still surprise her and i'll want to see where it'll go.

    • Dont worry i have a feeling it will turn out great! Godd luck!

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  • Do something romantic that you know she likes, by be manly as well.

  • Just be persistent. She's shy and needs you to take the lead


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