Psychological Issue while pursuing a girl. Need Help?

Here's the problem I am facing. I crush over a girl, think about her continously and ask tips from my closest friend. First she shows indifferent attitude but I keep going after her. The problem starts when she lower her barrier and reciprocate such feelings, I freak out and try to avoid as much as possible ( which I know is totally wrong.)

Please help me in identifying what it is called and how to overcome it?


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  • Overcome your attitude.

    • Elaboration please?

    • First, if you like this girl be straight forward about it with her. Then, coming back again has to stop, just tell her how you feel and maybe she will understand that.

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  • Ask her email id , i did the same ;) hahahaha

    • How does that help?

    • U will talk dude,,,, u will have some place to talk...

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