I have a Skype date and I'm so nervous! Advice?

I met this guy a bit over a week ago travelling and we've been chatting every day. We only spent one day together. I really like him though.

Tomorrow were skyping and I'm so nervous. Obviously it's pretty different to just texting and whatever.
I guess I'm scared of seeming nervous, running out of things go talk about etc.
Any ideas? Can't relax haha 🙈


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  • calm down, across Skype u don't need to use perfum, nice shoes or something else :P

    think that maybe he is nervous 2

    Why so nervous, is only a guy and he want to meet you.


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  • just relax and... talk! if you have nothing to say.. just stare at the person lol


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  • Try tequila it relaxes me


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