Does my brother's friend like me?

Okay so there's this guy named Zack. I love him a lot. He's 20 and i'm 14. I think he's too old for me. When i first met him i fell in love with him and we understand each other so much. He's always like "You understand me a lot. no one has ever understood me as much as you do." and he sometimes smile at me. Just to be noted, i didn't want to date him because he's at my brother's age and kind of my brother's friend and i just wanted to make things best and not awkward so i just go to friendly hangouts with him. he's sweet, funny, charming. i love him a lot. he has a girlfriend and he told me that he's not serious about her and he'll never find a girl who'll understand him a lot.
I just want to say that is he in love with me? i want to know and i dont know how to ask him because things will get awkward and our friendship will be ruined forever. I dont want that.


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  • Olabilir..


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  • No he doesn't. You are too young for him and he knows it. He thinks you are a good friend.


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