Is tinder a good/realistic way to estimate ones attractiveness or not?

Don't get me wrong, I do not expect Tinder to actually find me a legitimate girlfriend or relationship, I really just got it out of curiousity and to see how I rate kinda about a year ago. Anyway I consider myself a decent looking guy, stay in shape etc, although I do have a scalp issue which makes it so I have to shave my head bald, but luckily I pull it off very well for a white guy, and have told so as well. Anyway I've used Tinder on and off at bored moments and in the past year have liked probably a few hundred (maybe less I don't keep track) overall profiles and have only gotten like maybe 8-10 matches, I admit I have high standards I enforce in person and on the web, and now I do have it set for like 40 miles and live in a relatively rural area but very small compared to big cities etc. Anyway I was just kinda curious if that few of matches is something I should be concerned about when it comes to self confidence in how I look, or if Tinder matches or ratings are something that shouldn't be taken that dire
  • You shouldn't be concerned really Tinder isn't a reflection of actual reality when it comes to meeting and attracting people
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  • You should be concerned if it's like you say.
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The more I use it the mor bull I realize it id


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  • no you shouldn't be concerned

  • No. All the picitres are filtered and not realistic


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