Is it just me or do christians have a harder time meeting other christians to date/marry, then they do men or woman of other religion's?

Im a Christian and I seem to have a hard time getting out of the "friend zone" with other christian men. But for some reason the men at my college are the ones who ask me for my number, tell me im pretty or actively persue me. They usually don't see me as just a friend. Im saying this because I've went on dates with men who were not my religion, even though they were great it was hard to relate so id rather a Chrsitan man.
Im so close on giving up on christian men -_- many act so judgmental. I hate that.

Why do you think this is? Am I the only woman or even man who experiences this struggle as a Christian?


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  • I've had bad experiences with religious and non religious men. I don't think it's fair to give up completely. There are still good Christian guys. I do have to admit I have a hard time meeting then solely because well, they are harder to come by at my uni. I just know it's SO worth it to be patient and wait for that right guy... I've had a nightmare dating non religious people. My one ex used to mock me all the time and would challenge me constantly about my beliefs and the church. I could never go through that again.

    • I've had the same experiences too. Yes your right I won't give up.

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