Every time I see my ex (usually at a party) he keeps glancing my way, looking nervous... And every time I look him in the eyes he turns away. Meaning?

What does it mean?
For example: Two days ago I was at this party and I ran into my ex. He kept looking my way, turning around, acting quite nervous but he never really looked me in the eyes. He kept... glancing, I suppose. We did make eye contact, maybe a few times, but it was just for a second. Also once my friends sat on these sofas and they were next to where he was sitting... I was among guys and he looked sooo uncomfortable, again looking my way, but never truly looking if you know what I mean. I also cought him talking to his friend about something and he had a nervous expresion on his face... Maybe even a sad one. And he kept looking my way, but never looked me in the eyes.
What do you think about this situation? Does he still have feelings? I'm curious about this because when I have no feelings towards someone I totally turn them off and ignore them. Thank you for your help in advance.


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  • Yeah he probably still likes you a bit did yous have sex that might have made it a little uncomfortable


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  • You're definitely over thinking this. It's simple: he's trying to avoid you so he can move on. Every time he sees you he remembers everything and feels the pain and regret of a breakup.

    • But how can I get him to NOT want to move on? :(

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    • Well luckily every time I see him I look pretty good. I'm in shape, I'm pretty... there's no problem there. And please don't think that I'm cocky or anything, I'm just trying to explain. :) Also usually I'm around a lot of guys (I have more guy friends then girl friends), I appear as someone who's having a good time... The thing is that when we were together I was the ''mean'' one. I have a hard time expressing my emotions for example, while he's really open and all, while I can't even say ''I love you''. So a lot of times it appeared like I don't even care. I also like to tease a lot and we sometimes fought over stupid little things like that and again *it was my fault*. That's why I have a hard time excepting that it's over. Because it's mostly my fault! I never realized how much I cared about him until now, when I lost him. And I know that if we'd be together again that I wouldn't repeat the same mistakes, because know I know how I feel and I'm not confused anymore.

    • If that's what you really think then go for it! Good luck!

  • Maybe he's high as fuck, or cockd' up to the limit... or maybe he's just nervous

  • who broke up with who?

    • Well its kind of weird... First I broke up with him (he texted me after and I still didn't want to get back together) then we ran into each other at a party and later on I called him because his friends didn't know where he was and thy were worried because he didn't answer them when they called. And when I called he did and when I said that his friends are worried about him he Cried and said ''yeah they are, but you aren't'' I felt really bad, he told me where he was and I went to meet him.. we had a small fight where I told him that I just want to properly say goodbye, but things turned around, because we ended up having sex... after that I thought we were normal again, but we weren't because after two weeks of not talking after that 'event' (I didn't text him because I was confused) but when I did he said that he wants to move on because we had our problems and he can't deal anymore.. so it was mutual... on a way.

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