Was it a mistake to tell a girl to text me if she wants to go out for lunch/dinner?

I didn't want to come off as needy/desperate so I just told her to text me if she wanted to take a break from studying and get lunch.


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  • Honestly, I'd just take the initiative at say "hey, why don't we grab lunch" or however you want to phrase it. It's just, when you leave these things for someone else to do, often nothing happens.

    • i figured that would happen but i feel like if i ask her again, 4 hrs later, that it would come off as needy or whatever...

    • Yeah, at this point just leave it as it is and let her (hopefully) get back to you.

      Consider it for next time you want to go out with someone though.

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  • Too late now. But it should work out for the best.


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  • No, that is a great idea.

    • Well she never got back to me and kept giving me short responses... Still don't know what to think cuz we talk a lot at night...

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    • I try but we only see each other in class and we can't really talk during the lecture... then it feels kind of weird talking to her after class I don't know why...

    • Just try to talk to her when you have the chance.

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