Would you date the same person twice if it didn't work out the first time?

I was dating a guy for about 8 months, it didn't really progress into anything although we had feelings for each other, he called it a off. Then months later we started to get in touch with each other. Long story short -I'm considering giving it another go, but I'm not sure if I should go there again. I think things might be different this time. Nothing physical really happened by the way, we just made out and there was a little groping.

Anyway I'm interested in hearing your answers to my question :)


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  • I don't think so, but that doesn't mean that I won't make exceptions. I broke up with my ex, then got back together for a month, then broke up again. Usually when you go back nothing has changed, and in my case I no longer wanted to put any effort into the relationship. But sometimes things do change.

    • Why did you two break up? Me and this guy weren't in a official relationship though, we just went on a dates

    • This will sound harsh, but I'm going to be honest here. We dated for 2 years, and I kept having this naggin thought that I could do better. Don't get me wrong, she is an amazing and attractive woman, but I wasn't feeling it anymore. Plus she was a pushover and awful at basic relationship stuff (she is inexperienced, but no matter how many times I told her something, she wouldn't pick up on it) obviously I was in the wrong with some things too, but she never told me anyways so I couldn't really improve myself. She was perfectly content with staying in a bland relationship that wasn't going anywhere, while I desired the opposite. I knew to get out when I began to check out other girls a lot more, and resent her childish behavior, that was funny at first, but after 2 years it gets old real fast. In the end of our relationship I was actually embarrassed to bee seen with her in public. Now you're probably wondering why I dated her for 2 freaking years. It's because I'm an idiot.

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  • In a rare case yes I would. People say they are afraid to get hurt again but let's face it. At most only one relationship you enter into doesn't end in a break up and sometimes not even that.

    I've had relationships where the person just needs to get to a more stable place in their life and work some stuff out. Once they have it goes better. Did I marry them, no but most relationships don't end in marriage. If the time we spent together was good then mission accomplished.

    • Oh wow I love this answer. I never really looked at it like that, but it is so true. Everyone makes it seem like it is a terrible idea. I was the one in this instance that had issues to sort out and I feel like I'm in a better place.

    • I've seen people break up then go on to happy marriages. They certainly aren't the majority but in your twenties you are still figuring out life. For me I'd rather get my heart broken twice by the same person and know it is time to move on then twice by two different people and always wonder.

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  • Everybody deserves a second chance... so GO FOR IT! :)

    • Haha. Love it, thanks

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  • If it was me I wouldn't he's basically an ex for a reason but aye! its you if you have a feeling that it might work for should go for it but Communication is key!!


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