Opinions on whether I should continue to date my boyfriend?

My boyfriend & I have been officially dating for about 4 days & met over a month ago. I'm 20 and he's 24. We like each other but there are just some difficulties. Firstly, everyone thinks I can do better. I've literally been told, "You're a 10, & he's a 2." I'm in college and graduated high school with a 3.9 GPA & he hasn't even gotten his diploma yet, but he's working on it. He also has a bad name in the town & is a fighter. The night he asked me out he got jumped... My friends & family are concerned that his reputation is going to hurt me, possibly physically, in the case he were to be jumped & I was with him. It's even a concern of mine & it's justified. And lastly, I'm not finding myself sexually attracted to him like I have been with other people. He's not my type but for some reason I just like him & being with him. We've only made out a little bit & to me it feels unnatural & out of sync but he seems to be fine with it. The weird thing is though when we're cuddling or he's hugging me I get turned on. I love being with him & he makes me happy. No guy has ever treated me this good. He's really sweet to me (I've heard he treats his girlfriends really good) & he hasn't done anything to make me not want to be with him other than the fact I am a little scared to be alone with him because of his reputation as a fighter. I don't want to break up with him because he's treated me better than any guy has. He wants to take things slow and is SUPER respectful of my boundaries & comfort level. I feel like if I were to not give this a chance I could potentially be missing out on something great but on the other hand, if I stay with him I could end up hurt in the long run. If I broke it off now we both wouldn't be too emotionally invested into each other but the hard thing is I really want to try and give him a chance and see where this goes but my mind is telling me to be smart about it but I'm just really torn over it all. And another thing is I feel like he's more into me than I am into him and I don't wanna break his heart. Advice?


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  • "And lastly, I'm not finding myself sexually attracted to him like I have been with other people."


    With this in mind, yes, leave him. Not only will you yourself feel better, you'll be doing him a favor as well since no person deserves to be in a relationship where the other isn't even attracted to them. But yeah, the main reasons you should leave him is because of the aforementioned bad personality traits and habits.

    • I'm attracted to him but not sexually. And it's difficult because he's been nothing but super sweet and good to me.

    • Well then from the looks of it, you're on the fence right now I guess just fall over to the side where your heart falls.

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