Took a girl out she invites guy and they kiss?

So I took this girl out first time since we met we invited friends, she invited a guy and they ended up kissing I got jealous since I'm crushing on her so I decided to take her home early I wasn't going to let them do that disrespect me like that, girl wanted to go somewhere else but I didn't let her since it was my responsibility to look out for her, I just wanted to take her home and get ride of her but she told she didn't like that guy she kissed him because she was bored, did I do the right thing taking her home,


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  • You did the right thing.

    • Thank you I felt that I did the right thing.

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  • "I wasn't going to let them do that disrespect me"

    They already made a fool of you right there and you made yourself an even bigger fool by still hanging around her. If she needed a ride home he could have given her one.

    "wanted to go somewhere else but I didn't let her since it was my responsibility to look out for her"

    Is she an underage child? It's a first (cant' really call that a date) you don't have any responsibility and she's free to go wherever she likes. You're not her master. You have no responsibility and it sounds like you were still trying to act macho after all of that.

    • I wasn't trying to be macho or be her master, but I took her and I'm responsible for her not cause I'm trying to control her.

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  • Maybe, let her go.

    • That's the best I think

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  • 1: she's a whore
    2:you're being too controlling
    Sorry if that sounds mean, but I'm just being honest with you. "She kissed him because she was bored" really? I would walk away and chuck her into the "don't date" category.

    • Wait, about my second point, did she know that this was supposed to be a date?

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    • Yea then you were being a bit too controlling, but you're not exactlly in the wrong someone that makes out with someone else has cheater written all over them. If you were to have a relationship with her, what make you think that she won't have sex with another guy just because she's "bored"? She needs to grow up

    • I know I wasn't trying to control her even if that's what it sounds like, but I learned my lesson

  • I would never let a woman disrespect me like that. I would delete her phone number and move on.

    • I feel stupid man

    • There's no need to feel stupid. We've all been there; we all have to learn the hard way sometimes.

    • You're right I definitely learned something here

  • move on mang

    • Dam I'm thinking on doing that

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