Alright, I know I'm being silly... Can anyone give me any tips on getting to know a girl with social anxiety?


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  • Your question is perfectly valid, nothing silly about it. If her social anxiety isn't too debilitating, it's often just a matter of giving the person time to get comfortable with you. Just spend time around her, a little bit of small chat, and as she becomes more and more familiar with you, she'll slowly start realizing you pose no threat. That you only have good intentions and slowly but surely she'll let down her guards and let you get to know her little bit more.

    • Thank you, she's already a friend of mine. I just have a hard time getting to know the real her, I want to see who she really is. A lot of the time it's obvious that she's putting up barriers. I just want to get closer to her.

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    • Thank you for your time and help, I'm kinda new to this flirting and dating stuff. I really care about her. I'm the guy who sees through her acting tough, I can tell when she's freaking out inside. I just want to be there to help her.

    • no problem. Happy to help & good luck! :)

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  • You have to be patient. It's going to be frustrating and you're going to think she's not interested. But it will take time to break down her shell

    • Patience is something I have no shortage of, I'll put in the effort.

    • I'm glad :)

  • Start really simple just walk up to her and just say hi I'm________ or if she is doing something just walk up to her and be like what cha doin


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