I'm in love with someone else and I don't no what to do?

I have been going out with my girlfriend for over a year and have recently gone to college. she is still in highschool. I have met this girl in college that i really like and i think she likes me 2. dont get me wrong i love my girlfriend but i think i love this girl more. nothing has happened between us we have just been hanging out watching movies and stuff. But i really like her. i dont know what to do please help thanks
There is another problem she has told me she doesn't want anyone else. And she gets depressed and stressed a lot to the point where she was contemplating killing herself. so I don't know what the break up would do to her.


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  • You're young. Break up with your girl and date. I mean date and get to know lots of people. Don't tie yourself down in a serious relationship right away. It's going to hurt but it's normal.

    Don't cheat.

    • Thanks but I wouldn't dream of cheating ever I just don't want to hurt her because I still have feelings for her

    • You can't stay with someone to stop them from hurting themselves. It's either true and they need help or they are trying to control you.

      Break up with her and tell her friends and family your concerns about self harm.

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  • If you desire a woman more than your girlfriend you need to stop wasting her time and leave her. The sooner she gets over you the sooner she can find someone else.


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  • Oh dude you should've ended it before you even left. 9 times out of 10 those long distance/someone left for college things do not go well. Have a serious talk with your HS girl and tell her the long distance thing is not good and you should both spread your wings blah blah blah and then wait at least a week before you make a move on the new girl.

  • All you can do is follow your heart. I don't know if you actually mean you're"in love" or if it's just a crush but in reality many relationships you have throughout your life will come to an end one day unless you're lucky and you find "the one".

    But anyways there's no way of knowing if she is the one unless you try. I mean people grow apart and if yiy don't gave the same feelings for your current girlfriend you're only hurting her by stringing her along.

    So I say find out what you and the new girl can possibly be and break it off with your current girl.

    • sorry I ment thumbs up but I'm sure this girl is the one I can't stop thing about her. and every time I see her I get butterflies. she is perfect

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    • Then you have to break up with her. The end. It's unfair to her and disrespectful. You're gonna hurt her more if you wait

    • Yeah I absolutely agree with @Insiii

      And you need to end it even if the new girl doesn't feel the sane way.

  • leave your girlfriend.


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  • I know this is easier said than done, but if you truly feel like you can do better, you need to stop wasting your girlfriend's time. Let her go. Give her the chance to be with a guy who feels the same way for her as she does for him.


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