Leaving before he wakes up, bad?

Okay, here's the situation. I've got a male friend, and we had "talked" before, fooled around, and then had sex. Each time I spent the night (which really only happened like 4 times), even if nothing happened, I would leave before he woke up. I just feel bad waking him up!

The other night, after not hanging out for months, we got very drunk, and fell asleep. I have a boyfriend, and we're both very clear that we're just friends at this point - I talk to him about my relationship issues, he talks to me about his issues in life, etc. We know there's no romance between us because I'm not his type, and he's too much of a "fun time" guy for me. We fell asleep, and nothing happened, because he knows I'm a loyal type of girl. Long story short, I left without saying bye. But today, I posted a funny story about my boyfriend and I on Facebook, and I get the feeling he's mad at me.
Is leaving without saying goodbye such a big deal? Or is it the boyfriend thing? I don't think anything of it, because I thought we were all clear, but could he be mad about that?


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  • he could be mad about that.


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