Long distance and patience?

Okay, so I'm going to try to sum this up as best as possible.

So I met this guy a while ago. I was fostering some of his pets while he was away at school. We never really talked, and only met with each other twice. After that, over the summer (around June), I accidentally found him on Tinder. I liked him as a "Hey, I know you!" and turns out he had done the same. So he messaged me and we laughed about it, and never stopped talking. He came in to volunteer where I work with his mom, who is also my volunteer, and we would hang out a bit that way.

So in August, I had indeed developed a crush on him and invited him to go to our state's fair with me under the guise of "YOU'VE NEVER GONE WHAT?" So we went and it was phenominal. The entire car ride we talked about everything from funny stories to past relationships. While we were there, it was chilly so he kept his arm around me. We sat down and he had his leg up against mine. A few days later, I asked him if he thought there could be anything between us. He turned me down because he was going so far away for school and he had to work some things out, among other things. I was pissed, and I hope justifyably so.

Flash forward to a few days ago and he apologised for what happened the night he turned me down and asked me out (should I be willing and available) for when he gets back to school because he doesn't want to start something while he's away. That's not until December. We still text, but he's so bad at texting and I'm panicking hoping he doesn't lose feelings for me.

SO then my question is, how do I just chill about this? I haven't heard from him in almost 24 hours and I know how bad he is about texting... Should I just ask where my boundaries are about this stuff? Especially since we're not technically dating. I don't want him to just forget about me because I really like him and I think we could do really well together. I tend to go overboard about panicking with things anyway... Sorry for the long post.


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  • Tell him nicely we need to try to talk everyday­čśŐ

    Buy a Nokia 105, tell him to buy a Nokia 105 too, play snake and call each other on that phone


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