What are your beauty standards?

Both inside and out :)


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  • Asian eyes ( not so small ) , nice hair , pale skin , taller than me ( doesn't matter how much ) , funny , childish , mature when needed , naughty , caring , loving.. thats all i think of haha


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  • Mental: Serious, fun (I know it's hard to get those two together), smart, mature, classy, romantic, experienced, realistic, honest, strong, and independent.

    Physical: I don't know how to describe it, but I'm a sucker for girls that have the classy and elegant beauty to them. I don't dig cute girls. I mainly care about the face. As long as her body is decent and her face is at least a 9/10, I'm good.

    Usually the girls I'm attracted to are introverts, because I very rarely find any extroverts with these traits, but aren't too masculine.


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