What should I do and what happened?

'm having some problems decoding this guy, please give me some insight! I met this guy a month or so ago @ a friends birthday party. I talked to this guy a lot then. He was sitting next to me on the train and was leaning in when I was talking(about my heritage and w/e). I'm kinda used to that because I usually talk quietly but I don't think I was talking quietly then. We go to the same school but never see each other, so I started this whole IM convo saying that I never see him and where is he. He sent me a message saying where he is everyday and said:

"i hang out there mostly between classes so drop by so you can hang out with me and that weird kid(inside joke) =D"

We were joking about it and he said that he would stand on a table and wave to get my attention. But he didn't(he said he was seriously considering it but he probably would've fell). One day we talked for 3 hours online. More details to follow

We haven't seen each other in a while and are supposed to meet up on Tuesday! And I'm confused because don't guys give up right away?!

-- I wanted to go with him to my favorite restaurant and he was joking with me the entire time about how silly the restaurant was. I thought he really didn't wanna go by himself so I kept asking and then I was like. Well will you come with me? And he was like yeah. =)

So I thought that was a good sign. And we planned for the restaurant trip on Tuesday(may 6) then the next time we talked online, he was joking around but I thought he was being mean to me so I was pretty mean back. And I canceled the restaurant trip. =/ but I think I made a mistake. I don't know what to do now. I don't wanna look pathetic and call him telling him that my plans changed and I'm free. And it's today! So I don't know if things can be changed. But I don't know if he even liked me to begin with!

What should I do and what happened?


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  • So that you don't make this dumb mistake again----when a guy is interested or likes you, he will pick on you. Why would he be mean to you? As you said, to joke around, to be funny, and also because believe it or not, girls somehow like that. Hell, I will even go as far as saying that the guys manual on picking up girl says, 'if you like a girl, ignore her or pick on her and then you will have her full attention. " So yes, you made a mistake by canceling the trip; yes, he was/is interested in you, otherwise, believe me, he wouldn't have agree to go to the restaurant with you; and what happened was that your ego got on the way, and you decided to listen to it against listening to your intuition which said not to cancel the 'date' but your proud ego said, 'cancel it, I'm a victim to this mean guy. ' What to do now?

    Well, I don't know if you see him online or you can talk to him, but one way of taking care of business would be to talk to him and say, 'so are you ready for tonight? '' and of course he will say, 'but you canceled the date' and then you pretend that you never did by saying? "What the hell are you talking about? I was joking! You pick on me but I can't pick on you? " Now, if you don't have the courage to play this game, you can go up to him and ask him, 'so when are you taking me to your favorite restaurant, since you didn't want to go to mine? " Different technique, but I think you have to be aware that now this guy's ego could be on the defense and he might now cancel on you to pay back! ;) Good luck!

  • I think he likes you, he just has trouble communicating how he really feels about things. If the restaurant is somewhere you really want to go, don't pretend otherwise or retaliate against him if he doesn't like the idea of going. The restaurant is a part of yourself that you wanted to share with him, and I like that idea, but maybe you should find a place you are both comfortable being for the first couple of "dates". After you get to know each other, then go to the restaurant you really enjoy going to. Maybe after spending time with you, he will be enlightened as to the reasons you enjoy going there.

    I suggest calling him up and compromising on a location you both can enjoy. Get to know each other and take it from there.


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