My boyfriend cheated on me advice?

My current exboyfriend and i broke up about a month ago after he told me that because i did not texting him for a week (after i told him i would be out of town and not able to text him for a week) he went out and got another girlfriend because he thought I was never going to come back alive from my trip. He was not going to tell me but I found out. When he told me that i was pissed. How are you going to be in a relationship with someone for two years and go out and get another girlfriend because they do not text you back for a week like wtf? Then he tells me that we should be friends because he does not want to hurt the girl's feelings because "she deserves to have a chance"(what about me?). So he and I are friends now well I thought that we were friends we talked everyday and every night because im the only one he can talk to about his feelings then out of nowhere he just stops texting me and when i text him he tells me that he is going to talk to me later and he never does. I am so sick of this if he doesn't want to talk to me then that is fine but at least tell me so im not looking stupid thinking we are still on good terms. Advice?


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  • stop talking to him.


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