Darn I just got friendzone, what shall I do?

last night, my crush told me currently we can't go higher than a best friend, but she's still unsure in the future, what i got the title was she's doesn't feel a click yet for now after we are going out together for 10+ times mostly just two of us, i haven't text her till now, but im madly fall for her, i kept thinking of her, should i text her quickly or play the wait and see games, even tough i know i most likely the one who lost, sounds i have no pride, but with her my life were happier :')


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  • If you really like her than wait for her. Show your interest still, but not to where it scares her off. She may just want to be sure before she makes it official with you. Has nothing to do with you personally, it could have to do with her past even.

    • thank you! finally she did text met first:)), but i still got a lot work to do, i have to ensure she would be treated like princess if tied with me:))

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  • Why not go with other women your setting yourself for a path filled with misery... You really want to hear her problems with her boyfriend after getting drilled by him?

    • lucklily, she didn't have any boyfriend lol. well mate, if you find a crush and think she's the one, would you just give it away? i dont think so;)

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  • Rejoice!

    Looking for a relationship, is like looking for the noose


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