Girls, should I give up?

long story short i met a girl in a club, she asked for my number and after a bit of texting and a date i still really like her, i was never sure if she liked me back especially after the date (wasnt the best date) because she NEVER texts me first, and when i asked her out first time she put it off for a whole month then when it came to the date she cancelled, she went travelling for 3 weeks and is nearly back, but to not look too desperate/needy i stopped talking for the whole 3 weeks (didnt want to bother her either) now i think I've left it too long and im not sure how much longer to leave it? and what to say when i do text/call her after this long? unless I've missed something it doesn't look like she's that interested otherwise shed make a bit more of an effort right?
some thoughts on this would be really helpful.


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  • For laughs and giggles, to even put a closure cap on this all, try Texting her a "Hi" to see if she responds. It doesn't sound like she really is Into you and just making lame duck excuses, swimming in circles with you.
    However, test the waters and see if it might go somewhere now here, dear.
    Good luck. xx

    • thanks! your right, I need to take a more laid back approach. weird thing is I'm 99% sure she'll respond, but maybe she's just being polite. I'll give it one more shot!

    • Oh, so welcome, and even if it is the same with this name, you would have at least try as being this nice guy.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you for the upvote.:)) xxoo

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