When will she ask me out?

Met a girl a few months ago and we seem to get along well. She messages me all the time and I think its obvious she likes me but I think she wants me to ask her since im older than her. Will she ask me or does she expect the man to do it?

by the way im still not sure if I would ask her out, but if she asked me or told me she liked me then I would go out with her. We have not hung out one on one before.
  • Wait for her to ask, if she likes you she will
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  • Ask her if she likes you
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  • Ask her out on a date
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  • Ask her to hang out
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  • Other
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What Girls Said 1

  • You can't expect her to ask you out if you guys haven't hung out, or even really talked so you should ask her if she would like to hang out first and then YOU should be the one to ask HER out.

    • This may be true in high school where "friends first" is the norm, but in the real world, women want to be taken out on dates rather early on and this "friends first" approach, while it still may work, isn't as effective, despite what voters of this poll may say.

What Guys Said 1

  • Ask her out directly. The direct approach is what works and conveys your intentions with full integrity, especially as you already seem to have a foundation of attraction.

    Don't pretend to be her friend and "hang out" in an attempt to eventually bed her or be in a relationship with her. Let her know now what your intentions are.

    • Mate, you're getting a lot of bullshit answers. Many people don't know what they want and are answering hypothetically. Objectively, the right choice which has the most chance of being effective is "C".

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