Girls, Some advice please of getting over someone?

I'm pretty sure I'm in love with one of my guy friends. We get along REALLY well, tease, flirt and banter a lot (I tease and banter with a lot of my friends, regardless of gender. It's definitely of a different quality here), like the same sort of stuff, and he's just really fun to be around.
Now, the problem. He's in a relationship.
No, I don't want them to break up, or interfere at all. He has a really nice girl and I respect that. Would never do anything to interfere with them at all (as his friend, I want him to be happy, even if it's not me, right?)

Another problem (maybe). He comes to me to talk about her a lot. They're only a month into the relationship, she's jealous of our friendship (may I just say we have never done anything other than kiss- BEFORE the girlfriend), and he worries and complains about her a lot. He says he 'loves us both equally' and has since tried to kiss me. I stopped him, because yeah, he''s taken, and I don't want to feel like a tramp, y'know?

But it's kind of gotten to a point where other people are saying we should date, and (keep in mind I am positively STUPID about most of these things- so oblivious to romantic social cues when it comes to myself), there is definitely some form of sexual chemistry there. Just... it's frustrating, because I do adore him, I do, but I'm definitely never going to try and break them up or anything.

Is there a way of getting over someone? If he's taken I don't want feelings to get in the way, that's not who I am, and I refuse to be the 'other woman'. Please help :)


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  • Give it time and keep your distracted and busy


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