Will it work out between me and an Asian girl?

Im planning to have a Asian girlfriend in my life in the future but im middle eastern, i speak arabic and English great and she will obviously speak korean, japanese, chinese, do Asian people know english? Learn in school? Will this workout? Im planning to go to Asian country in the future... i have facial hair and im 17, is it impossible to workout? Will they mind or they just like people there own culture?


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  • Asian girls will know some English. Japanese children begin with English very young in school, for example. But they may be shy to use English because of their accent, etc. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work out. Which country? And facial hair, just make sure it's well groomed. Asians definitely date outside their race.

    • Iraq and yes my country is well greoned in facial hair... and what about south korean? Do they learn english?

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    • Oh. Maybe they are I'm not sure. I know Japanese girls will date outside their race..

    • Yh and they learn English too

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  • Depends on where you are going. Asian cultures tend to be a bit xenophobic, in particular Korean and Japanese. Many do not speak fluent English even though it is often studied so language is frequently a barrier, but maybe less so at uni.

    you will find that because you are different you will attract a specific type of person. People will either really like it or they will merely tolerate your presence. You have to learn to use that difference without being rude and being confident in that differences even when things aren't going so well. No matter where you go you will be like an accessory. To your friends you will be the guy they invite to show off to their other friends much the way you might show a new pair of shoes, or a phone or something along those lines. You can likely get a girl, but you will likely be resented by her parents and a good portion of her friends. Yeah its possible, but it won't be as easy as it is in other places.

    • Can u please give me a small paragraph to all this.. thank u i appreciate it but i really want to know more.. attracy ceratain types? Xenophobic? Tolerate ur prescense?

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  • The moment you start planning the details of your life is the moment you doom yourself to failure.

    • This is true. Expectations lead to dissappointments. Better to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and otherwise stay in the moment.

    • @R3d_Anonymous my thoughts exactly.

    • @R3d_Anonymous yea but im not thinking.. i was like hoping or just a small thought..

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  • It can work in china np.

    I know in China theyre really intrigued by foreigners cause everything non-EastAsian is "exotic"


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