Girls, I got rejected?

How do I successfully get a date with a girl


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  • Wait what we aren't games you try to win at be yourself 💁🏼

    • I'm being myself and it gets me nowhere I'm a real gentlemen it's how I was raised and it shows by my morals but like I said nothing so far

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  • The only secret is to keep trying! I know it sucks to get rejected. It hurts, and it makes you sad. But the only thing you can do to increase your odds are to keep trying. Don't let this get you down. There are plenty of women out there!

    No amount of changing yourself is going to help. The only changes you need to make are if you don't approach women at all and aren't talking to people.

    It takes time to meet a decent person. I've been in your shoes and it's really hard. But I'm sure you will find someone! :)

    • It hurts because im 24 and never actually experienced a relationship before

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