Why and what do I do, when the girl im dating wants to take things more serious and im not sure about it anymore?

I've been dating this woman for about 2 and a half months we get along well and its going good. At first I was more interested in moving to a relationship but she needed time. now she brought it up about moving forward and Im not sure about something serious with her right now for these reasons:

we dont see each other all that much in the week, i wanna say maybe 2-3 hours. and when i do see her i feel like the conversations never really get to deep, I feel that texting throughout the week leaves little to converse about.

Im also feeling like I am losing interest in her romantically, It maybe in part due to the fact I dont see her all that much, and im just getting worn out from giving 110% all the time. I used to get concerned when i wouldn't hear from her on any given day but now sometimes I dont even feel like texting her.

I've also noticed that i've been feeling some chemistry between me and recent friend/co-worker. I would never cheat, or even try to date multiple people.

Anyways Im stuck, I feel like I need to have a talk with my current date and tell her that we dont see each other enough to get into something serious and that we need a little more time to make sure of how we feel, but on the other hand I hate to turn her offer down because we do get along great.

Any advice would be appreciated. I've never been in this situation before and I'm a little confused about how to approach it and where to go.



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  • Well, the little voice in your head is saying you aren't down for a more serious relationship, which usually means you either or not ready for a relationship or you are not interested in being in a relationship with that specific person. You can let her know that you aren't really sure about a more serious relationship right now, or you can cut it off altogether but probably best not to ignore the little voice.


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