Scared of drinking?

i just started dating this guy, he's incredible like unreal, I'm so into him and he feels the same about me.

i just came out of a really controlling relationship, my ex used to force me to never drink or anything ever (I'm a freshman in college) and it's just like.. I dunno. I'm not a huge fan of drinking anyway, it actually kinda bothers me but whatever.

this new guy LOVES getting drunk (he's in school AND has a full time job, neither of which get interfered with by drinking) but it just sorta still bothers me even though it has absolutely no reason to.

how do I get over this stupid phobia of alcohol?


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  • Ok weird, I kind of had the same boyfriend of five years was super controlling and he never let me drink either. Well go figure him being the controlling one he ended up cheating on me a lot so I broke up with him. Now I'm dating someone else and he does drink...i hadn't drank any alcohol in five years so it was weird trying it again. I suggest not drinking a lot. At first don't get completely smashed right away because that's not going to help anything. I think if you just try it you'll be okay with it, it's just that you're so used to not and having that frame of mind that you don't need/want it.

    • Having been gone from him... how do you feel about it now?

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    • I can't believe that there is somebody else out there that had their ex do that to them! haha I'm not trying to get excited over your misfortune but it feels good that I'm not the only one.

    • Lol it's ok I was shocked when I read your question because it sounded so much like my experience and I agree it's good to know that I'm not the only one who has gone through a relationship like that. Good luck with everything I know how much of a change it all is!

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  • It's not a stupid phobia. Alcohol destroys a lot of lives. Drink long enough and it stops being a cool fun thing and becomes an insidous, cunning disease that kills a lot of people. About 90% of the people that become alcoholics die from it, you have a good reason to be scared.

    • You're really not understanding what I'm saying. it would be a rational fear if I saw him using it excessively and interfering with his life or if I thought that would happen to me. alcohol is a normal thing, tons of people drink and it's weird of me to be bothered by that.

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  • What is it about drinking that really bothers you? Does alcoholism run in your family? Have you or someone close to you have a bad experience with it? Is the a guy a total idiot when he drinks? I think it's okay to go out and get drunk every now and then as long as you are responsible and as long as it doesn't interfere elsewhere in your life. It's not always fun to be the sober one in a room full of drunks so maybe it's just annoyance?

    • See that's just it, I don't know why it bothers me! I think it's because maybe for so long my ex constantly put it into my head that alcohol was like the anti-christ and now it just kinda freaks me out. he's not an idiot when he drinks, I've seen him realy drunk but not like, sh*tfaced and he was super composed. I just never get out cause like I said, my ex was so controlling, this new guy thinks it's so cute that I'm so innocent but it's just ugh.... I don't want to be.

    • Well this might be stupid advice but. . . why not have a drink with him one night? Don't go overboard obviously. There is nothing wrong with having a drink once in awhile. You're not going to become an alcoholic over night :P Maybe part of your sort of phobia is the fear of not knowing what it's like?

    • If it were only that easy... hahaha I wish so bad that I could stay but I go to school 6 hours away...