Guys, when ur boyfriend does not tell u everything... But has trust issues.. How can that be solved? What if... ?

My boyfriend of almost a year now.. Still has trust issues.. Bc of past experiences... What do i do.. He won't keep me in the loop of things... Does like me less... When will he say that he loves me... What can i do.. ? ..


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  • It is possible he may never overcome them. I have a friend who had so many guys take advantage of her, she trusts nobody

    I even stepped in the middle of a flight to protect her and help rescue her after she moved in with another guy. This guy continues to play head games with her.

    The only hope is patients and empathy. You need understand what he has gone through. The problem is, it is too easy to get sucked into his problem and you will suffer too.

    You must be very secure in your emotional state. As I read your question, I does not seem like you are.

    If you can muster the strength and patience you may be able to work with him.

    Here is why it is risky. You can draw him out by expressing your feelings and show your volunerability. As he sees you are able to share something very sensitive about you, he may begin to feel comfortable and develop some trust. This is what intimacy is all about. You can see why it is extremely dangerous because, If he has trust issues, he may be unpredictable.


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