Why doesn't he ask me out?

Why doesn't he ask me out? He is winking at me and smiling at me by the gymnastics and would say goodbye but nothing ever else happens. Can I do something? Or is he not just interested, or playing games with me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe he only sees you as a friend, or you haven't given him adequate signs of interest for him to want to proceed.

    • What kind of signs should I give?

    • Teasing, playing with your hair, actually engaging in conversation with him, licking your lips, smiling, eye-contact, playful touching (only girls should do this at least early on), sexy compliments, etc.

      But even then he might not do it, so you may still have to take the initiative eventually and give him your number or ask him out.

      Show interest first. Then, if he's still oblivious, initiate.

Most Helpful Girl

  • he's playing games.


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