How do I tell someone I'm not into them without sounding racist?

I'm not really into white girls. I like them but I personally don't really find them very attractive.
I've been asked out by white girls before but do I tell them about my preference or should I simply say I'm not interested? What is a good way of not hurting their feelings?

The last girl I spoke to slapped me and called me a racist... I'm trying to avoid that!


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  • Honestly, you're over thinking it. You dont have to keep it from them only tell them if they question you on if its because of their race. White girls just aren't your type. That doesn't make you racist. And if she does ask if it's bc she's white tell her straight up. I'm not racist but I'm just not into white girls. And ask her to stay friends.


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  • you don't need to tell her its because of her race, just tell her ur not into her.

    • OK but is there a nicer way of saying I'm not that into you?

    • you could say she's not your type, you dont feel "chemistry", you aren't looking for a relationship

  • Why do you need to tell them why? I don't list reasons why I don't like someone, it's cruel.
    Just politely decline.

    • Because I've been asked why... I try to avoid saying it though.

    • Just say "I just don't feel that way". You don't need to make it personal or be honest. I mean I don't say "cause I think your ugly" or "your breath reeks". You just don't say it.

  • Say you're not interested.

    • And if they ask why?

    • That you don't see them that way. Usually I just say I'm not interested and leave it at that. If they ask why I'd just be like because I'm not. I don't have to have a reason and I don't have to explain myself to anyone.

  • Just say you're not into her. If she asks if it's because she's white, say no. If she persists, say you find white girls to be really hot and you date them all of the time but you're not into her specifically. She's not your type lol.


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