Travel and money issues please help?

So I have been dating this guy for a short time.. it's kinda a love at first site thing between us... and we have been inseparable for over a month now. He is at my house every night.. has keys there when I get home making me dinner... it's amazing... so anyways here is the problem I'm having... in March of this year I paid double occupancy for a cruise cause my friends and sister where going and I wanted to go to but the cruise line make a single person pay for two.. anyways I have already paid 1500 buck for me to go and now that I have this incredible man in my life I have asked him to come... all it would take is him purchasing his airfare to miami and 130 to the cruise line as taxes for the 2nd person... so my problem is that he is recently divorce and just got done pay a shit load to get it done... so he has dicided that he isn't going to go be cause he can't afford right this min to pay half of what I have already paid... I told him it's money already spent. . then he says he's not sure he wod have enought spending money for us while on the ship.. I then said really thw only think to pay for on the ship us alcohol and souvenirs... he said well I want to be able to spend what I want to be able to spend and I don't think I'll be able to do that. So at this point I can't imagine not being with him on this cruise... I am the only single one going and at the time I was fine with that cause I was single and ready to mingle lol now I don't want to spend 8 days watch my friends with there men on this romantic cruise alone with out him... it's going to be miserable... I have told hum that I already have 1000 bucks cash saved for the spending and we'll let's just say he isn't having that... so frustrating how do I get him past the me paying thing... is there a way... I said u can get the next vacation. ... still no.. so he is going to let me go alone know g how much I don't want to now all because of this ridiculous need to pay for everything. . I mean we can't even t
Talk on the phone unless I spend a fortune on wifi... please someone give me advise or is he really just using the money as a reason to not go... I don't know what to do...


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  • Tough spot. He is still damaged from the divorce emotionally and financially. A lot of men get their "manly" feelings from having money. Since he has no money and has to rely on you he is feeling less "manly". You have to approach this in such a way that going with you and you paying will make him manly. Things like he can pay you back with great sex, you need a man to show off, you need him to protect you while you are on vacation. You want him to be the one you have fun with. If he doesn't go, tell him you will cry. No guy wants to see that!


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  • It sounds like this 'Amazing' man is also a Honest John in telling you here, dear, that he cannot afford it at this time and marvelous place with your adoring face... Sadly.
    You Could still find a Girl friend to go with or even sell these online to someone who could go alone or to Someone who could find Someone with more bucks on the boat.
    Unless you come up with More in store for Joe to go, I am not seeing any sea sick way today.
    Good luck. xx

    • See the thing is I'm not asking him to pay.. it's already payed for.. I already have a 1000 buck in my on board cruise account... the thing is we have taken 3 weeknd get aways in the last three weeks where he pays for almost everything so I just can't figure where the money is an issue... we r going camping this weekend with his son and he's paying for it... so I can't see any reason he can come up with 500 bucks in thw next 45 days

    • This is what I am saying, although so generous of you.. Today, especially in his scenario with having to come up with th ebig bucks before, he is now broke and 500 dollars is like 5 Grand. xx

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  • I vote you go on the cruise without him. If he is a traditionalist and doesn't want you to pay, then that's tough luck for him on missing out on a good time. And don't be that girl that ditches your friends for a guy. And if you have been spending non-stop time together for a month straight, you need a break anyway.

    • True... it's just it's all couples and me.. so it's different now

    • Got another friend who may be interested?

    • Tried everyone for the last 6 months no one can get the time off

  • That's WAY too fast to be spending that kind of money on puppy love.

    • Meaning me or meaning him... cause my part has been paid for for over 6 months so I5s mo ey already spend... do u mean the 500 for him to go is to much... cause he has spent way more on our weeknd getaways in the last 3 weeks...

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