How Does Dating Change with Age?

I'm 24 now, and now I'm finally starting to understand why some people say, "it's a man's world." Being male from birth until your 20s isn't the most glamorous experience with 21-plus years of people telling you to shun your emotions and many women ignoring your very existence, even while you are in your sexual prime. Things change by a man's mid-twenties though. Many of the guys my age have had lots of sex by now; they have money; they have shelter; they have their own transportation; they've completed their education; they have more life experience; they look like fully-grown men; etc. Now, they are the guys that girls left them for when they were in their late teens. So, how will these guys' dating lives change (into their late 20s and 30s)? Will it? And how does the dating experience change for ladies when they are in their late 20s and 30s?


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  • "they have money"

    That's a joke right? Most who went to college are still in 10s of thousands of dollars in debt and will be until they are in their 30s. The majority of guys experience by 24 has mostly just been in school which isn't very diverse. A lot of guys get ID'd into their 30s. You are seeing a very different world from what I'm seeing.

    • Correction: they have a steady income, not a large net worth

    • Yes but that income is going into food, rent, petrol money (if they even have a car) and then into paying off loans.

    • True, at least it's their income though. And they can afford food, rent, etc. Many people can't tout that self-sufficiency.

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