My boyfriend gets mad when I can't hang out. Why?

I've been dating my boyfriend for a couple of months now. I really like him and enjoy spending time with him. While I was studying for my masters degree, I often felt like he didn't understand or respect the fact that I didn't have much time (I was writing a really long dissertation and had to do research on top of that). He more or less asked me to hang out every day or every other day. Whenever I told him I was busy with work or that I could only see him once during the weekend, he'd get mad.

He went on a holiday and is coming back on Wednesday. We planned to meet up and I asked him if he was free during the weekend. He told me he wanted to see me the same day he got back (Wednesday). When I told him I had a couple of things to sort out over the week and suggested Friday, he got mad and told me he wasn't able to meet that day and wasn't sure of his schedule anymore.

Is my boyfriend being unreasonable when he can't understand that I'm busy during the week or can't hang out say 2-3 times a week? Or is he being clingy?


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  • You sound more goal oriented than your boyfriend and he doesn't understand it.

    • He's in university too but my course was quite intense. Do you think it's unreasonable to meet your bf/gf once a week though?

    • I think its more important for you to manage your school and if that's the way it needs to be for you to do that then he should make that sacrifice
      . I can understand him wanting to see you more cause once a week isn't that much, but it is what it is and its not forever.

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  • That's just how it is when we really want to be with a woman we really like, want to spend more time with them. He is just getting frustrated he has a girlfriend and can't see you more, it's normal but I understand your point, your busy with important things in your life that you need to do now so it's hard to make time for a boyfriend , he just has to understand that

  • Dump him. He is insecure. It will only get worse.


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