Girls, Is it possible for a girl to be working but still flirting with me?

There's a girl I find really cute at a coffee shop I frequent, she's always super nice but I always forget to tip because of their stupid payment system. She doesn't ever mind or anything, which makes me think she might be interested. But if you're at work do you ever flirt and genuinely mean it?


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  • These days, being nice and cordial somehow means we're interested. It's actually really annoying.

    There's a difference between being nice and flirting. I don't flirt with guys I'm not into.

    • Guess you were wrong, she was definitely flirting today.

      Also, I guess you're just wrong... Who would have guessed?

    • Eh, I wasn't referring to your specific situation, it was just in general.

      I can't tell you what I think about your personal situation without being there to see it. From what you wrote initially it could be anything.

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